Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is something that no one should have to endure. No matter your gender, sexual orientation, or marital status, sexual harassment is never okay, and it is never warranted.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment continues to happen in the workplace, despite laws that aim to protect workers. Sexual harassment comes in many forms, and there is no singular way to define it. Generally speaking, it is any unwanted sexual activity, pressure, or advances that occur in the workplace.

Methods Sexual Harassment

It is important to remember that sexual harassment happens in many ways, and every situation looks a little bit differently. Harassers may use different methods to harass their victims, but all of them are unacceptable. These are some common methods of sexual harassment:

If you experience sexual harassment at your place of work, understand that there are a significant number of resources available to you. With the help of a trusted attorney, you can receive justice and compensation for your suffering.

Physical Sexual Harassment

Of harassment issues, physical sexual harassment is the most notorious and generally most easily identified. This can involve acts such as:

There are many more examples of physical sexual assault. If you feel as though you have experienced physical sexual assault, but the act is not on this list, you still may be eligible to take legal action.

Threatening Sexual Harassment

Threatening sexual harassment occurs when one person threatens to hurt another person physically, mentally, or emotionally if they do not submit to sexual activities.

This also includes threatening to fire someone, demote someone, cut someone’s hours, or cut someone’s pay if they do not submit to sexual activities. In many cases, this occurs between a manager or person in charge and someone under their supervision, as there is a clear hierarchy of power between the two people (quid-pro-quo).

Verbal Sexual Harassment

Verbal sexual harassment encompasses acts of a sexual nature that occur verbally. This can include activities such as:

Even though no physical activity occurs during verbal sexual harassment, it is still equally unacceptable and can still be traumatic to endure.

Non-Verbal Sexual Harassment

Non-verbal sexual harassment can be difficult to pin down but is still incredibly serious. This category encompasses sexual harassment that occurs virtually via email, memos, or text messages. This can also include forced interaction or touching or pleasuring oneself at the expense of another person.

Environmental Sexual Harassment

Environmental sexual harassment occurs when the harassment has spread to more than one person, and the harassers are creating a hostile work environment for the victim. Many times, this can take the form of verbal sexual harassment, such as a joke about the person’s sexual preferences that makes its way around the office. However, environmental sexual harassment does not have to be a particular type of harassment but simply encompasses situations in which the harassment at hand has made it difficult or impossible for the victim to do their job.

Reporting Sexual Harassment Internally

Action cannot be taken if you do not report sexual harassment. This can be difficult and scary to do, but there are laws to protect you during this process. If you feel comfortable, the first step is to talk to your boss or HR department and inform them of what is going on. In many cases, your workplace will take the allegation very seriously and will immediately begin to work with you on a plan to make you feel safe and secure while they investigate and carry out proper consequences.


Years of experience and success

If you have been mistreated, discriminated against, stolen from, or otherwise abused by a your employer, take immediate action.

Sexual harassment cases are delicate and often emotional. It is normal to feel vulnerable when discussing what has happened, and therefore it is important to hire a Pasadena attorney that you trust.

For over two decades, we have been representing workers in the Pasadena area and beyond to fight back against discrimination and harassment. If you are ready to tell your story and seek justice, contact us today.

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