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Over $15,000,000 recovered for employees.

I am a 1993 graduate of Stanford University and a 1996 graduate of Georgetown University Law Center. I developed expertise in employment law and fine-tuned my litigation skills while working in global law firms representing Fortune 500 companies. In 2009, I left Big Law to represent employees like you.

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Over $15,000,000 recovered for employees.
Employment Law Overview

Having and holding a job is one of the most basic rights of the American citizen. Many people take great pride in their jobs and work hard at them to ensure that they can support their families.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is something that no one should have to endure. No matter your gender, sexual orientation, or marital status, sexual harassment is never okay, and it is never warranted.

Wrongful Termination

Being fired from a job is often traumatic. Whether the reason for the termination was budget cuts or restructuring, it stings to hear that your employer is cutting ties with you.


Discrimination is one of the most insulting and hurtful things that can happen to someone, especially in the workplace. Inequity can cost people their dignity, financial stability,

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