Discrimination is one of the most insulting and hurtful things that can happen to someone, especially in the workplace. Inequity can cost people their dignity, financial stability, and even their career if left unchecked.

In this day and age, we would like to believe that discrimination is no longer prevalent, but this is not the case. Sadly, workplace discrimination happens in Southern California and across the State. Thankfully, California law does not tolerate discriminatory behavior, and there are significant rules in place to protect workers who have been discriminated against by a company, employer, or coworker.

What Is Discrimination?

Discrimination can manifest in many different ways. At its core, it is special or unequal treatment on an unfair basis. It is possible to be discriminated against for the following reasons:

These categories are known as “protected classes.” According to the law, it is illegal to give a person unfair treatment because of any of the above protected classes. Unfortunately, that does not stop employers from doing so.

Identifying Workplace Discrimination

In the workplace, discrimination can look many different ways, which can make it confusing to identify in some situations. Though occurrences of discrimination may vary in severity, no form is acceptable.

The key to taking action against discriminatory practices is understanding when discrimination is occurring. Whether these situations occur to you or someone else, it is helpful to know what to look for. Some examples of discrimination may include:

These are certainly not all of the examples of discrimination that can be found in a place of business. There are many ways in which these illegal practices can make their way into the workplace, and a category of discrimination may look different every time. It is important to remember that if you feel as though you are being discriminated against, chances are something illegal is going on, and it is worth investigating.

Finding Proof For Discrimination

Proving discrimination can be difficult, depending on the situation. There are several categories of proof that you and your attorney can explore together. Often it is helpful to examine the following:

Proving discrimination is not always easy, but it certainly is worth exploring when you feel that you are being unfairly treated.


Years of experience and success

If you have been mistreated, discriminated against, stolen from, or otherwise abused by a your employer, take immediate action.

We believe that discrimination on any basis is unacceptable and use my education and experience to hold discriminatory workplaces accountable for their actions.

When you work with our team, you will be treated to personalized, honest, and professional legal counsel from someone who understands and deeply cares about your situation. To begin working on your discrimination case, contact us today.

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